Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Islamabad 2024

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Islamabad 2024

Islamabad, the gorgeous capital of Pakistan, is known for its exceptional beauty, peaceful ambiance, and high quality of life. Due to its scenic views and natural beauty, the city is ranked as the second most beautiful capital in the world. The city is full of amazing sightseeing spots, contemporary eateries, lush green parks, loads of recreational activities spots, and much more.

There are many beautiful places to visit and trust me if you are in Islamabad you will never get bored.

Here are the top 10 most beautiful places in Islamabad 2024-2025

  1. Faisal Mosque
  2. Daman-e-Koh
  3. Lok Virsa Museum
  4. Saidpur Village
  5. Pakistan Monument
  6. Shah Allah Dita Caves
  7. Lakeview Park
  8. Margalla Hills
  9. Pakistan Army Museum
  10. Ayub National Park

1) Faisal Mosque

The Faisal Mosque is one of the most famous places in Islamabad. The Faisal Mosque has the designation of being the largest mosque in Pakistan as well as the greatest mosque in South Asia. Faisal Mosque is in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan which offers a beautiful view of the Margalla Hills at the far end of the city.

The Mosque covers a total area of 5000 square meters or 91984 feet. The style of construction of this Mosque has been done on the best design and there are 4 minarets on it. The Mosque reflects modern Turkish architecture.

This Mosque is one of the most famous places in Islamabad and the greenery around it enhances its beauty. This Mosque is the best attraction in Islamabad. People come from far and wide to see this Mosque.

2) Daman-e-Koh

Daman-e-Koh is the most beautiful scenic spot and top hill garden located in the middle of the Margalla Hills. It is about 2400 feet above sea level and 500 feet from Islamabad city. It is a popular destination for residents as well as visitors to the capital. Monkeys are a common sight in winter. During snowfall, cheetahs often descend from the high hills of Murree.

Daman-e-Koh is the highest point for tourists on the way to Pir Sohawa, a midpoint located at an altitude of about 3600 feet on top of the Margalla Hills. It is an amazing visiting point of the hills from where one can get a beautiful view of Islamabad and the Faisal Mosque on the horizon.

3) Lok Virsa Museum

The Lok Virsa Museum means “a place of people’s heritage” is a beautiful place to visit in Islamabad. It holds different artifacts to display the history and diversified culture of Pakistan. It covers a large area of about 60,000 square feet, making it the largest museum in Pakistan. It can accommodate above 3 thousand visitors all at once.

There are several exhibition halls in this extensive museum to display the cultures in the form of statues, poultry, pictorial, and folk music. In addition, Lok Virsa Museum has a collection of books on folk and classical melodies for auction. Working with UNESCO, this museum has its well-kept maintenance while preserving the organization’s donated artifacts.

4) Saidpur Village

Saidpur Village is one of the highlights of the capital city and is marked as the popular picnic spot in Islamabad. Saidpur is an old town with great history, located close to Margalla Hills where you can visit the temple and a Sikh Gurdwara to know about the unwrapping history behind this place.

The village is filled with an authenticity that mixes the combination of the modern century and the Hindu historical places to wander around the stairs and streets for great outdoor walking. Saidpur has once been a Hindu village for some time now, where Hindu adorers gather to worship from far-off places. The vestiges of the settlement continue to be seen by visitors. When you enter this village, you will be awed by the ancient artwork and enjoy the traditional lifestyle of the residents where they play the sitars on the streets.

5) Pakistan Monument

The Pakistan Monument is a national monument and museum located on the western Shakarparian Hills in the capital territory. It is among the best places to visit in Islamabad where you can enjoy the stunning monument of the nation. This monument symbolizes the togetherness of the people of Pakistan who have sacrificed their “today” on behalf of a brighter “future.”

The monument portrays the Mughal style architecture where it was first envisioned in 2002 by the government. The place comprises a patio foundation that has been made in marble adding a patriotic structure to allow a bird-like view of the capital. This will leave you in admiration where you can wander around the monument! The place is inspired by the petal-shaped structure called Muqarnas which was taken from the Mughal era.

6) Shah Allah Ditta Caves

Shah Allah Ditta Caves are located in Shah Allah Ditta, a historic village at the foot of Margalla Hills in Islamabad which is thousands of years old. This cave is also called the Budhha cave.

This cave is located next to the shrine of Shah Allah Ditta. The caves here are twenty-four hundred years old and there are Buddhist impressions on these caves which are disappearing with time.

It is said that great personalities passed through here and it was also used for this inn. This place is one of the most famous places in Islamabad and it is also considered a hidden place in Islamabad.

Tourists love the natural beauty of this place as well. There is a well and a mosque built by Shahabuddin Ghauri on an hour's hike from this place. Tourists come and enjoy the natural beauty in a very quiet environment.

7) Lakeview Park

Lakeview Park is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Islamabad. Lakeview park is located at the bank of Rawal Lake. This park contains the third-largest birdcage in the world. The park offers a beautiful view of Rawal Lake. It has a swimming pool, boating arena, horse riding mobs, a fishing area, and paintball fields. Passenger road trains and motorboats are other sources of entertainment.

8) Margalla Hills

Margalla Hills are among the best places to visit in Islamabad. Furthermore, eight hiking trails are starting from different locations in the forest of Margalla Hills. These trails are completely covered with green trees, plants, and rocks. The natural habitat for various kinds of birds and animals is eye-catching for tourists. Trail numbers 3 and 5 are the most famous and old trails in Islamabad. Margalla Hills are the desired destinations for rock climbers. They provide a very beautiful insight into the city as well.

9) Pakistan Army Museum

The Pakistan Army Museum is one of the most important tourist places in Islamabad, which includes prehistoric artifacts. It contains exhibition halls that show the history of an ancient country for thousands of years to the present day, from guns, and swords, to the Russian missile system everything related to the army is there for you.

10) Ayub National Park

Ayub National Park or Ayub Park is historically known as ‘Topi Rakh’. It is located some 4 KM from Rawalpindi zero point and thus is not more than half an hour’s drive for the residents of Islamabad. This park is the largest national park in Pakistan and covers an area of about 2300 acres. Ayub Park is a very popular picnic point. A lot of attractions for both kids and adults are provided in the park.

The park hosts Jungle Kingdom – an amusement park for kids with a rare collection of beautiful animals and birds, kept in open-air areas. These areas are landscaped to the preferences of the species including lions, zebras, peacocks, swans turkeys etc. There are a lot of very interesting rides for the kids and the grown-ups in the Jungle Kingdom. Besides this, Ayub Park also housed large gardens, a running lake with a boating facility, an open-air theater, and a garden restaurant. The park is also indigenous to rare botany and marine life. There is an aquarium which is home to various rare fish and other marine life. The lake found in the park has water lilies and other various beautiful water plants. The park also includes a carving of all of Pakistan’s major leaders and heroes. It is a replica of Mount Rushmore, South Dakota in the United States.

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Islamabad 2024