Natural Swimming Spots Near Islamabad - Pakistan

Natural Swimming Spots Near Islamabad - Pakistan

What if Islamabad has natural swimming spots where you can take a dip in cool water under the scorching sun in an exotic natural setting? All these natural swimming spots in Islamabad allow you to save money on chlorinated water from luxury pools and experience some magical places that revolve around slides, meandering rivers, waterfalls, and meandering water oases that seem very exciting. Indulge yourself in the mountains and coexist with the rich atmosphere of swimming in the embrace of nature.

List of Best Swimming Spots in Islamabad

Let’s dive into our useful guide of natural swimming spots near Islamabad, Pakistan that is not only cheap but impressive. So let us dig into the list of some swimming spots near Islamabad you can explore in one day tour.

Simly Dam Islamabad

Just 20 minutes away from Islamabad is the Simly Dam water tank for the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Consisting of snowmelt water storage and natural springs from the Murree Hills, Simly Dam is located in the middle of a picturesque valley, bringing calm and energy to people.

Nilan Bhato Valley

Drive 27 kilometers northeast of Islamabad to reach the most stunning cistern at the foot of the Margalla Mountains. It is possible to drive to the hidden spots between the forest and the mountains and use your mountaineering skills by cycling on the dirt road leading to the valley. Due to the rough terrain and poor infrastructure along the way, Nilan Bhotu is off the beaten track. The other side of the city is much less populated.

The valley is famous for the sage (Shah Abd al-Latif Kazemi) who lived here during the time of meditation. Meditation website maintained by Flow Bank. Due to this spiritual element, this place is also known as "Chilla Gah". The pond is home to many fish, and the inhabitants believe that catching this sacred fish will bring bad luck. Freshwater streams, rich vegetation, and famous hills make Nilan Bhotu Valley a mysterious figure.

Chattar Park Islamabad

Chattar Park is a 15-minute drive away and is a real treat for adventurers and fun-seekers. With its slow-flowing streams, waterfalls, and surrounding hillsides, Chattar Park is known for splashing fun in the shallows.

Swaik Lake Kallar Kahar - Islamabad

Located in the Punjab province, about two hours drive from Islamabad, Swaik Lake is one of the most exotic places for swimming and diving. The ideal way to get close to the beautiful waters of Lake Swick is the M2 highway. Furthermore, it connects Lahore to Islamabad, a boon for adventurers as it allows them to do cliff diving and swim.

Trail 5 Islamabad

Islamabad is blessed with closeness to nature, and among its precious gems are the trails at the Margalla Hills facility. Moreover, Trail 5 is perfect on 8 different trails, mostly in distance from the other two. Additionally, it is covered by exotic plants and trees in the Rocky Mountains, Trail 5 is highly recommended for snorkeling and swimming. As the clear stream is a boon for recreation lovers. Additionally, exploring all the trails in Islamabad will be a fair option for all those who seek tranquility. However, there is a 300-year-old banyan tree (track 5) to get trapped in nature and the buzz of wild birds tourists were amazed.

Neela Sandh Picnic Spot - Islamabad

You don't have the money but need to swim, immerse yourself in the bosom of nature while experiencing crazy flavors but sympathize with snorkeling, then in Islamabad, Nila Sandh picnic spot has a fair and blind choice! Just an hour's drive from downtown Islamabad. Furthermore, there are waterfalls and a series of deep blue and green natural pools for those who want to try something unusual rather than boring swimming in artificial pools. At Neela Sandh picnic spot in Islamabad, life jackets must be worn in deep water. Notably, it is about 60 ft deep as per the local authorities. So life-saving is a must when you are fond of swimming in freshwater lakes.

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Natural Swimming Spots Near Islamabad