Lok Mela Islamabad

Lok Mela Islamabad

As a sign of amalgamation of the people of Pakistan unitedly and a real representation of Pakistani culture's heterogeneity, Lok Virsa offers a one-of-a-kind chance for craftsmen from all over Pakistan to come together, as well as an occasion for tourists to learn about Pakistan's myths and legends existence, art, and literature, which would otherwise be impossible for anyone. It is a famous annual celebration among the general public, with people from everywhere flocking to see Pakistani handicrafts.

The festival features regional arts, designs, songs, and culinary from all districts and areas, showcasing the many shades of our glorious community.

Since each province has its community promenade, which is visually built to showcase its aboriginal folk culture. The display of local artisans, whereby talented craftsmen are occupied performing their creative process, is undeniably a significant section of Lok Mela.

Each region has its cultural boardwalk, which is designed to graphically communicate its indigenous traditions. Lok Mela proves to be an exhibition of skilled contractors, where artisans are showcasing their creations.

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Lok Mela Islamabad