5 Breathtaking Waterfalls Near Islamabad

5 Breathtaking Waterfalls Near Islamabad

List of Magnificient Waterfalls near Islamabad

Pakistan is a beautiful country with countless wonderful destinations. The country is blessed with unique terrain and incredible mountains. Waterfalls in Pakistan are a great tourist destination, accessible in summer and some are inaccessible in winter. Here are the top 5 waterfalls near Islamabad that you can visit anytime. Have a look:

Makhnial Waterfall

The most ravishing waterfall near Islamabad is Makhnial Waterfall. A turquoise clear waterfall is hidden between the gigantic mountains and dense deep forest.


Tourists can reach the Makhnial waterfall in 10 mins from the Pine valley residencia, road. The road is well constructed and one can easily reach there. However, some are enthusiastic enough to trek down then they can take a trek to the Margalla hills.


The Makhnial Ridge Trail is behind Trail No 1-6 Margalla Trails, which is why it's called the Second Hillside Trail. The Makhnial Ridge Trail is also the second stop on the 44km ridge from Shah Allah Ditta to Murree. The total travel time from Makhnial to Tilhar is 4 hours if you relax between them, but the distance is about 18 km. The shortest walk is from the village of Masta to Gokina, which is 14 km and 3 hours. As the sun is in the shade of the second Margalla trek, the hike is easy and cool. However, halfway through, the trail leads to a towering grazing meadow, densely forested and breezy. A worth visiting waterfall, if you are around Islamabad.


Noori Waterfall

Noori Waterfall is a waterfall located in the village of Tial village, Haripur, KPK. It is located approximately 53 miles (85 km) from the city of Islamabad. The waterfall is about 10 feet high. Additionally, it is located in an open cave-like formation on the hillside. The waterfall is not very high and flows with clear blue water. The bay is deep, with a deep sandy bottom at the edges.


Furthermore, the waterfall itself is about ten feet high and deeper on either side where the pool meets the bay. The pool is fed from the summit of Koh Siri, the third highest peak in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Additionally, life jackets are readily available at the beginning of the bay and rent for around 100 rupees. Unfortunately, however, many young people venture to take a dip in the pool, hoping that in the future the area will be more open and friendly to all who wish to visit. This is really a not-to-be-missed attraction and it is very close to Islamabad.


Umbrella Waterfall

Umbrella Waterfall, located in Sajikot, Abbottabad, is a new tourist attraction in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is about 27 km from Havelian. It is the same path that leads to the Sajikot waterfall. Furthermore, this is such a captivating waterfall that people forget to blink. Some say it is the most beautiful waterfall in the world.


You can see the Umbrella waterfalls through Sajikot road, in about 10 km, there is a parking lot where you can park the car. From there, one hike down to the waterfall for about 30 to 40 minutes. And while on the back it will take almost 1:15 hours. However, one has to follow the Sajikot road carefully because it has dangerous bends. Sajikot road name changed to Kalabagh-Nathia Gali Road which will take you to your destination.


Brutti Waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is located in Margalla Hill, a picturesque place about 3 km from Bari Imam. Recently this place has attracted tourists who like mountains. In summer, it is a natural pond, accessible via trail 5. Or you can park your car at Loh e dandi parking and trek to the Brutti top, for about 30 min to reach the waterfalls. Moreover, Brutti Falls is 3 km from Bari Imam Islamabad and half an hour's drive from Islamabad city center. It's a 10-foot waterfall and pool that's great for a family picnic.


Bissa Waterfall

Bissa Waterfall is located in the village of Kotli Sattian in Rawalpindi. Lakeview Park is 34 km away. Additionally, the falls are approximately 2,903 feet above sea level. It has the most amazing calming vibes. Do take a walk early in the morning so you can see the peace and tranquility of this place fully. There is also an open natural swimming pool. Bissa Waterfalls is 30 km from Islamabad. It's an enchanting sight, with a beautiful waterfall falling from a height. However, this is one of the new tourist places near Islamabad.


Furthermore, the waterfall is a 1.5-hour drive from Islamabad. Drive carefully when crossing Simly Dam Chowk and take extra care when entering the dangerous and crowded Bissa Falls Road on weekends. 4x4 cars are recommended with good road stability due to the narrow road leading to the Bissa Falls parking lot. Photographers can take multiple pictures of this panoramic beauty.


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