Shah Allah Ditta Caves - Islamabad

Shah Allah Ditta Caves - Islamabad

Shah Allah Ditta Caves are located in the village of Shah Allah Ditta, a more than seven hundred years old village nestled in the Margalla Hills of Islamabad, was actually named after a Mughal period Darvesh. The caves, on both sides of a spring under the shadow of deep-rooted banyan trees, contain traces of human existence from ancient times and are believed to have been a meditation site of Buddhist monks in the 4th century BC. Hindu families lived in Shah Allah Ditta until the partition of the subcontinent and the caves were used for their daily worship. Shah Allah Ditta is a model village and an ideal picnic spot worth a visit for locals and foreign tourists alike.

Shah Allah Ditta Caves History

The old village is named after a well-known Mughal Dervish, Shah Allah Ditta, and it has a major significance due to its perennial historical heritage and beauty that pours like a river.

This village has been used as a road linking Kabul with Gandharan for over 700 years and subsequent kings and Mughal rulers regularly traveled there, especially while traveling from Afghanistan to Hindustan.

Nevertheless, the centuries-old murals and the road leading to Shah Allah Ditta village (which is 700 years old) are deteriorating due to extreme weather conditions and unregulated tourist and research activity and must be conserved immediately.

Many people are drawn to the region, the village, and the caves because of the nice climate, lush green surroundings, and historical significance.

Shah Allah Ditta is a centuries-old village and a union council located at the foothills of the Margalla Hills in the Islamabad Capital territory.

The Village is believed to be more than seven hundred years old and was used as a route from Kabul to the Gandharan City of Taxila by Alexander and Sher Shah Suri while Mughal rulers and other emperors often passed through while traveling from Afghanistan to the Hindustan. So Book your Shah Allah Ditta Caves tour with TravelPaksitani.

Shah Allah Ditta Caves - Islamabad