Panjpeer Rocks - Kotli Sattian, Islamabad

Panjpeer Rocks - Kotli Sattian, Islamabad

Panjpeer Rocks is located about 70 km away from Islamabad’s capital, in the Kahuta district, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Kotli Sattian, Pakistan. It is the highest point of the Danoi Ridge, Kotli Sattian. The name originated from the combination of three words, Panj and Peer which basically mean five saints, added with the Hard Rocks. Fundamentally it is believed that the five Saints who came here had settled in this area of rocks.

Moreover, from the top of the Rocks, the most thrilling and peaceful view can be seen. In addition, the site provides some lush greenery that is even more appealing. The ridge of the Panjpeer Rocks is at an altitude of around 1800 metres (about 5905 feet).

The phenomenal sight of Panjpeer attracts many hikers throughout the Rocks journey, right from the bottom to the top of the Rocks, where the spectacular view is found. It’s one of the most influential places in Pakistan. The beautiful shrine lies there at the top of the Rocks, where you can see the stunning views of Makra and the different mountains of Kaghan –in the North- and Kashmir (in the East). Furthermore, you can also see the Jhelum River.

How to get there:

It takes around 2 hours from Islamabad to reach Kahuta by road. After that, a slightly tough hike of 3 to 4 hours is needed to reach the top ridge of the mountain range.

Where to stay:

Camping is the best and most adventurous option but one can also book a room in a rest house in the mountains, which is under the administration of the Divisional Forest Office (DFO), Rawalpindi.

What to do:

The beauty and serenity of the 12km path from Narar village to the top of the rock formations is unforgettable, because the route passes through magical waterfalls, dense forests, beautiful streams, magnificent peaks and so much more. You can view the sunset and sunrise while sitting on the rocky plateau of the ridge. A visit to the Panj Peer shrine is a must, where footsteps of the saints are engraved on the stones.

Panjpeer Rocks is a truly mysterious and fantastic place to visit and enjoy the serenity of this breathtaking spot. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip by clicking on the following button and fill the form.

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Panjpeer Rocks - Kotli Sattian Islamabad