Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Hunza Valley 2024

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Hunza Valley 2024

Well, Pakistan is loaded with a boom nature, especially in our northern areas. They are damn beautiful and Hunza valley is the queen of all northern areas. It is located at the Pakistan-China border in Gilgit Baltistan.

The historical background of the Hunza Valley is much stronger than any other part of Northern Pakistan. As it connects its wires to the Mirs of Hunza, The royals of Hunza. The Hunza Valley has a long history and is more attractive to tourists. Beauty is at the heart of culture and the Hunza Valley is one of the strong, ethical and historical regions of Gilgit Baltistan. There is an incredible list of locations, historic and panoramic. Local crafts, cooking, music, dance, festivals, celebrations and languages are part of their ancestors.

Hunza Valley is considered the most visited place in Gilgit Baltistan where the valley comprises fascinating scenery and landscapes that will leave you to explore in awe and astonishment! Once you enter Hunza, you will realise the natural beauty the valley leaves and the uniqueness of the Northern areas to explore the fabulous places!

You can do many things while being in Hunza including camping, fishing, gliding, walking in the beautiful valley, and of course trekking the huge peaks of the valley.

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List of the top 10 best places to visit in Hunza Valley 2024

Here are the top 10 best places to visit in Hunza Valley:

  1. Hussaini  Suspension Bridge
  2. Khunjerab Pass
  3. Karimabad
  4. Altit Fort
  5. Baltit Fort
  6. Attabad Lake
  7. Gulmit
  8. Borith Lake
  9. Passu Cones
  10. Sost Border

1) Hussaini  Suspension Bridge

Hussaini Suspension Bridge is the old bridge situated near Gulmit, 10 mins away from the main road. The hanging bridge is full of thrill. From one end of the bridge to the other, the Hussaini Bridge has 400 steps. The bridge is stable and safe, but some people find it frightening. It has become one of the most popular tourist attractions. The hikers put their nerves to the test as they cautiously make their way across. The ticket price to the site is 200 Pakistani rupees.

2) Khunjerab Pass

Khunjerab Pass is the Pak-China gateway for trade between two countries. Also open to the general public. The highest mountain passes at the elevation 4,693 metres or 15,397 feet. The last place to visit in Hunza is the Khunjerab Pak China Border, which links Pakistan and China. It sits not only at the edge of Hunza but also in Pakistan. As you approach the Khunjerab Border, you’ll drive through Khunjerab National Park, which reaches the country’s largest border, 4706 m / 15,439 ft. The park is a massive nature reserve, so you’re sure to see yaks and perhaps even some marmots.

3) Karimabad

Karimabad is one of the most beautiful settlements and the capital of Hunza. There are many beautiful regions in Pakistan and Karimabad is one of them. It welcomes you with golden sand and breathtaking natural scenery. The site has a laid-back festive atmosphere thanks to the brilliant apricot tree colours and swaying cherry trees.

There's more to come! The Karimabad Small Market, which is held every day, allows you to sample Hunza's vibrant retail culture. The location is particularly well-known for its history, as it once housed members of the Royal family. It has the most antique appearance due to the stones that make up the houses and streets.

4) Altit Fort

Altit fort is an old castle on the Karimabad in the Hunza Valley. It is the hometown of the hereditary ruler of Hunza that won the title of Mirs. Altit fort is the former prince residence of about 1100 years ago. It is now working as a museum there. These two fortresses are masterpieces of architecture and art. The Aga Khan Culture Foundation has updated the grand design, a legacy preserved for future generations. Altit Fort is not only a place but a heritage that has grown over time.

5) Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort is another fort in the Hunza Valley, and it is a must-see attraction. The fort's foundations are thought to date back roughly 600 years. Over the centuries, however, there have been rebuilds and adjustments. Baltit's fairy-tale-like castle, perched on giant legs above Karimabad, is a Hunza landmark, with its wooden bay windows looking out over the valley.

6) Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake is one of the most beautiful sites in Hunza Valley. Within the massive mountains of Karakoram, the crystal turquoise water spellbinds anyone. The spring season's colours and charm are awe-inspiring. It attracts a large number of tourists every year. Because of its breathtaking beauty, the lake is also considered one of Pakistan's finest lakes.

7) Gulmit

Between the Gojal valleys at the top of Hunza, the nine Gulmit valleys are an important tourist destination for Hunza. Here you can find great colours of nature. The panoramic view of the entire valley and the Passu cone is very attractive. Moreover, Gulmit offers visitors complete tours with mountains, mountains, monuments, and pleasant climate. Most importantly, Shimshal Valley, Chipursan Valley, Misgar Valley, Boibar Valley, Khunjerab Pass are the most visited places in Gulmit.

8) Borith Lake

Borith Lake is located 30 mins drive from Attabad lake. This is a peaceful and quiet place. It is the best place in Hunza for those people who want to take a rest from their busy daily life. There are white glaciers and black Glaciers near this beautiful lake that is 15 to 30 minutes drive and 1 to 3 hours walk. It is the best place to visit in Hunza. Borith Lake is the best camping site in Hunza.

9) Passu Cones

Located on a 30 min drive from Attabad lake, Passu Cones is the most scenic and beautiful tourist destination to visit in Hunza Valley. The serrated peaks of passu Cones are very alluring. Passu is a peaceful town in Hunza surrounded by these magnificent mountains and with the river flowing through it. Glaciers and their rivers run across. Passu is a great place to walk, to trek, to hike and to photography.

10) Sost Border

Sost is the final village in Sost is the last village of Hunza located on the Karakoram Highway next to the Chinese border. A town is a crucial location on the highway for any cargo or passenger transportation since all traffic that crosses the border between Pakistan and China is through Sost. In addition, Khunjerab Pass is the high mountain pass within the Karakoram mountain range.

Best time to visit Hunza Valley

Because of its moderate climate, tourists always prefer to journey to Hunza Valley. Hunza is best visited between April and October when the temperature reaches a maximum of 27°C during the hot summer months. Moreover, during the Cherry Blossom Season, the valley has trillions of colours. This is also a good time to visit.

These were the top places to visit in Hunza, so there you have it. Hunza's locals are nice and welcoming. The greatest weather, pure food, delicious fruits, and stunning scenery are all waiting for you. So start planning your trip with Travelpakistani today to have the time of your life.

So, pack your bags, gather your loved ones, and embark on a lifetime journey to Hunza!  Explore Travelpakistani's Best Hunza Travel Magazine which will provide you with all the information on Hunza Valley.

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