Cherry Blossom in Hunza

Cherry Blossom in Hunza

It is generally known that the Cherry blossom season lasts for only two months and is proved to be serene and beautiful for all the inhabitants of Gilgit, especially Hunza Valley. Many tourists along with local people visit Hunza during this time to enjoy this beautiful season with enthusiasm. This is also the perfect season to explore Northern Pakistan because the environment is mild and hence the weather cannot obstruct your treks.

It isn't just the weather that brings charm to Northern Pakistan, but it is also the cherry trees that enchants the senses. Those lovely Pink Cherry Blossoms seldom refuse to bring joy to the visitor's faces.

Cherry Blossom season has a very short length. It's more likely for about four to six weeks. Starts in mid-March and lasts until the end of the next month. The tradition of displaying cherry blossoms dates back to ancient times when monarchs penned poems and chanted music beneath the blossoming trees. Cherry blossom's form and hue represent people's ideals of harmony and elegance. The atmosphere is packed with pink fronds and a good fragrance as the breeze brushes the delicate flowers of Cherry Blossom. Among everything, there is indeed a list of spring-flowering trees like passion fruit, cherry, and walnut trees.

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Hunza Cherry Blossom