Altit Fort Hunza - Gilgit Baltistan

Altit Fort Hunza - Gilgit Baltistan

In our beautiful Pakistan lies the Birthplace of Hunza Kingdom, Altit Fort (also known as Khabasi Residence) is an architectural marvel that has been standing tall for over 1000 years in the face of many enemy attacks and natural calamities.

Hunza is known for its rich cultural heritage besides its scenic beauty. It has many architectural monuments, such as the famous forts, Altit and Baltit. Any trip to Hunza is regarded as incomplete without visiting these two historic Forts. One of these architectural masterpieces in Hunza is the Altit Fort. Altit means ‘this side down’, while Baltit means ‘that way’, in Brushushki, as the two forts are adjacent to each other.

It is one of the best tourist attractions in Hunza valley, located in the Altit town of Hunza district. It was home to the rulers of Hunza at the time who were known as Mirs of Hunza.

The Shikari Tower (part of the fort) of the fort is the oldest monument of the Gilgit Baltistan Valley which is 1100 years old.

Altit fort has become a popular tourist destination after its restoration by Aga Khan Foundation in 1990. It serves as a museum and provides significant insight into the way of the Mirs and the Royals that inhabited the fort.

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How to get there?

It is located on an 18-20 minutes’ drive (5.8 Kilometers) from Hunza valley and is accessible via Madal Gan and Sultan Abad Road.

Alternatively, it can be reached directly via Karakoram Highway and Sultanabad Road. The distance from Hunza is 5.1 Kilometers if one’s taking KKH.

What to do here?

The fort itself is the highlight of Altit village in Hunza and features a museum for the visitors that showcases traces of ancient life including the utensils used by the Royals and the craftsmanship of the skilled workers. It is said that the craftsmen were a special gift to the Mir of Hunza as a part of dowry since he married a Balti princess.

The Shikari tower of the fort is the main attraction as it provides an enchanting view of the surroundings from a height of over 1000 ft from the ground.

The hospitality of the People and Culture

The people of Altit have striking features and they claim to have been the descendants of the Greek soldiers of Alexander the Great’s army.

However, the people of the old city of Altit are said to be descendants of Turkic tribe of Huns. They were from the Persian Empire and that is the reason the city was named Hunukushal (village of Huns) in ancient times.

The locals are humble and down-to-earth people who warmly welcome the visitors. English and Urdu are widely spoken and understood in the region making communications easy for tourists from both inside of Pakistan and outside.

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Altit Fort Hunza - Gilgit Baltistan