Sacred Rocks of Hunza (Haldeikish) - Cultural Heritage

Sacred Rocks of Hunza (Haldeikish) - Cultural Heritage

Sacred Rocks of Hunza (Harldeikish) is situated on the Karakoram Highway in the middle of Attabad Lake and Ganish village in the alluring Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan, The Sacred Rocks of Hunza (Harldeikish) is a cultural heritage and has great historical importance. It is located on top of a peak which is towards the east of Hunza River at a place called Haldeikish.

This rock is one of the highlights of Hunza. It is about 30 feet tall and covers an area of about 200 yards.


When Buddhist Travellers would camp in caves during their journey to and from China, they would carve depictions of their travelling ordeals and praises to their great Kushan King. These engraves show drawings of the Markhor, stupas, etc. The isolated Rock is divided into three portions. The upper portion reads the names of Kings from Different Empires in Sogdian, Kharosthi, Sarada, Brahmi and Proto Sarada languages. Whereas the lower portion shows images of the national mountain Goat Markhor and then the third rock reads about ancient poetry and establishment of Buddhism in Hunza.

These rocks were initially Caves for the traveller’s Stay but fell over as time passed. Now what remains are the ancient carvings.

Tickets and Timings

Sacred Rocks of Hunza (Harldeikish) entry is free of cost, but other things such as food, attractions, and play area are not free you should pay for it. Sacred Rocks of Hunza (Harldeikish) is open from 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

This place is strongly recommended for people who are engrossed in archaeology and history as this place has a lot to tell. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip by clicking on the following button and fill the form. 

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Sacred Rocks of Hunza (Haldeikish)