Best Things to Do in Hunza Valley 2024-25

Best Things to Do in Hunza Valley 2024-25

All Pakistan Northern areas are heavenly beautiful, but especially when you enter into this region of Gilgit Baltistan (Hunza Valley), mesmerising beauty embraces and takes you to another world. Hunza Valley tour is one of the most famous and most demanding trips among locals and foreign tourists. Hunza Valley tour has become a top attraction, especially for foreign tourists. People travel to the Gilgit-Baltistan region from all over the world, but Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Europe are among the most visited countries.

Explore Travelpakistani diverse and Best Hunza Valley Tour Packages 2023-24 that can take you to Hunza valley and enjoy your time in Hunza valley.

Top Selling Tour Packages of Hunza 2023-24

Top Selling Hunza Tour Packages 2023-24

No. of Days


5 Days Holidays Tour to Hunza

5 Days / 4 Nights

PKR 16,500

5 Days Holidays Tour to Hunza & Naran

5 Days / 4 Nights

PKR 34,999

8 Days Holidays Tour to Hunza & Naran

8 Days / 7 Nights

PKR 42,500

4 Days Package Tour to Hunza by Air

4 Days / 3 Nights

PKR 49,000

9 Days Holidays Tour to Hunza, Skardu & Naran

9 Days / 8 Nights

PKR 52,000

10 Days Honeymoon Tour Hunza & Skardu

10 Days / 9 Nights

PKR 145,000

Here we will describe the most incredible things to do to make the most of your tour in the Hunza valley 2023-24.

  1. Visit the Altit & Baltit Fort
  2. Rakaposhi Mountain View
  3. Eagle’s Nest for Sunset
  4. Adventurous walk on Hussaini Bridge
  5. Boating at Attabad Lake
  6. Wandering in Karimabad Local Market
  7. Visit Ganish Village
  8. Visit Karakoram Highway
  9. Visit Hopar Valley
  10. Visit Khunjerab Pass (Pakistan-China border)

1) Visit the Altit & Baltit Fort

Central Hunza holds a ton of the region’s history, mainly in the form of two iconic forts: Altit and Baltit. Both are some of the most iconic places to visit in Hunza, especially if ancient traditions interest you!

Baltit Fort is more than 700 years old, and looks down upon the famous village of Karimabad (formerly known as Baltit.)

The Altit Fort and Royal Garden are only a few kilometers away in neighbouring Altit village. These are some of the most unique historical places in Pakistan, so do take your time with them!

2) Rakaposhi Mountain View

Hunza and Skardu are known for their incredible massive and sky mountains. Rakaposhi (Snow covered in local language) is a stunning mountain in the Karakoram range and located in Nagar Valley, about 100 km north of the city, and is also recognized as Dumani (“Mother of Mist”).  You can see the world’s highest mountain peaks Ladyfinger Peak (7,400m), Ultra Sar (7,500m), and the spectacular Rakaposhi right from Karimabad. If you want to enjoy the real beauty of Rakaposhi, try waking up early to witness the majestic white Rakaposhi. Rakaposhi ranked 27th highest in the world and 12th highest in Pakistan.

3) Eagle’s Nest for Sunset

One of the best points to witness these mountain ranges is from Eagle Nest, Hunza. From Hunza Karimabad Bazar this point is 20 minutes away. As this Sunset point lies on a high place, so to get there 4*4 jeeps are required. Eagle Nest, Sunset Point, Hunza is a very popular tourist destination. In the evening everyone rushes toward this to enjoy the beautiful sunset on Rakaposhi, Ladyfinger Peak, Ultar peak, Golden peak & many other snow-covered mountains. The height of the Eagle Nest is about 10000 feet above sea level.

4) Adventurous walk on Hussaini Bridge

Ah, one of the most popular things to do in Hunza Valley. Something that’s on practically every tourist’s Pakistan itinerary. The infamous Hussaini Suspension Bridge.

The slightly scary bridge connects Hussaini Village with a summer settlement known as Zarabad and has been a hallmark of Hunza Valley tourism for ages.

These days, a zip-line runs parallel to the bridge, and adventurous travellers can take things up several notches by trekking through Zarabad to the Passu Suspension Bridge.

5) Boating at Attabad Lake

You make a tour to Hunza but do not visit the Attabad lake. It will be considered that you do not see anything in the Hunza valley. Attabad lake is one of the most worth visiting spots that offers an incredible experience with eye-catching mountain scenery. The lake is surrounded by towering mountains; its emerald and blue water gives the view of a sheer sense of wonders. Boat riding and jet skiing make your day memorable. It was formed in 2010 after a massive landslide. You can approach the lake from Shishkat and Gojal valley. It is around 14 km long and has a spectacular view of mountainous beauty.

6) Wandering in Karimabad Local Market

Karimabad local market consists of the shops and something different that fall in love with its magical beauty and enchanting views of the stunning landscape. Wandering into cobbled streets and enjoying unique culture and food is a lifetime experience. You can find fantastic things in the shops like gemstones, antiques, handicrafts, local jewellery and handmade dresses.

7) Visit Ganish Village

Ganish village is the oldest and first settlement on the ancient Silk Road in the Hunza Valley dated back a thousand years. It is said that people of different areas came to settle and grew here. There are various ancient sites, mosques, watchtowers, religious centres and reservoirs. If you are a history lover, it is worth visiting place for you.

8) Visit Karakoram Highway

Travelling on the Karakoram highway takes you in the wonder of the majestic beauty of the mountain and the multi-colour landscape of your journey. It is the highest paved international road in the world that connects Pakistan with China.

9) Visit Hopar Valley

Hopar Valley is one more extremely spectacular landscape of natural beauty located 10 km away from Nagar Khas. A beautiful small road with apricot trees and beautiful streams will lead to a hoper glacier covered with mud and dust. You can roam to the village to observe the stunning views, and either you can do a night stay here or get back to Karimabad.

10) Visit Khunjerab Pass (Pakistan-China border)

Located at a three-hour drive from the main town of Karimabad, Khunjerab Pass, commonly referred to as the Pak-China border and is the highest tourist point on the Karakoram Highway. Passionate travellers put it in their schedule whenever they visit the Hunza valley or Gilgit.

Hunza valley is a truly fantastic place to visit and enjoy the serenity of this breathtaking spot. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip by clicking on the following button and fill the form.

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Best Things to Do in Hunza Valley 2024-25