Rush Lake - Hidden Beauty Of Hunza Valley

Rush Lake - Hidden Beauty Of Hunza Valley


Rush Lake is a lake located near the summit of RushPari. RushPari Peak is a summit with a height of 5,098 meters and the height of Rush Lake is 4,694 meters making it one of the highest lakes in the world. This lake is located about 15 km north of Miar Peak and Spantik Golden Peak located in Nagar Valley.

Rush Lake and Rush Peak can be reached from Nagar and Hoper Valley and also via the amazing Hopper Glacier and Miar Glacier that rises from Miar Peak and Phuparash Peaks. These peaks add to the captivating view of Rush Lake as you cross and head toward the lake.

Some of the peaks that offer stunning views are Spantik, Phuparash, Miar Peak, Peak, and Ultar SAR summit. It is also possible to see the summit of K2 from the exquisite Lake Rush on a clear day.

The Rush Lake hike is the most perfect hike for hikers, and of course, its magnificence and glimpses are a bonus. This hike will not only give you a delightful experience of enjoying nature but also make you energized, interested, and excited about your surroundings. Another bonus of this hike is the stunning view of the 5,098-meter summit of Rush.

Rush Lake and Rush Peak meet halfway along this ridge, and the summit changes from an endless landscape to a series of mysterious, tumbling rock peaks. Moreover, the immense peaks of Hunza give breathtaking views with all these massive backdrops. Nestled in the gigantic four peaks running through the Hispar Valley, almost having a height of 7,025 to 7,885 meters. This hike will provide a certain amount of fun and adventure for hikers in the Hunza Valley. Additionally, Eric Shipton, an international traveler described Hunza Valley as the ultimate display of mountain splendor.

Trekking to Rush Lake

Hike to Rush Lake and you'll find yourself rafting on less dangerous glaciers, green pastures and meadows, and compelling fields. Rush Lake is indeed a hiker's paradise as they can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains from this high point.

Aside from crossing glaciers, hikes to Lake Rush are easy and mostly unpretentious. Up to the Rush Lake, you will come across a lush green valley where you can see large herds of cattle grazing beside the herders of these animals.

Lake Rush is the ultimate reward for all the beauty and splendor of the park. Once you arrive at your destination, you will feel the excitement, energy, and interest in exploring your surroundings. Another bonus: you'll get stunning views of the beautiful 5,098 Rush Peak.

Best time to visit Rush Lake

The best time to visit Rush lake is in clear weather which is from March to October. Trekking to Rush Lake can be tricky in winter. So if you want to visit this magnificent lake, try to plan out your trip to Rush Lake in the summer.

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Rush Lake