Top 10 Best Museums in Pakistan

Top 10 Best Museums in Pakistan

There are many beautiful museums in Pakistan. Pakistan has some of the best museums in the world. We collected data on the top 10 best museums in Pakistan. There are many best museums in Pakistan and some of them are famous museums in Pakistan. People from all over Pakistan love Pakistan's famous museums.

In this blog, we will list top 10 best museums in Pakistan you should visit at least once.

  1. Lahore Museum
  2. Taxila Museum
  3. Peshawar Museum
  4. Lok Virsa Museum
  5. Mohatta Palace Museum
  6. Pakistan Air Force Museum
  7. Pakistan Maritime Museum
  8. Pakistan Museum of Natural History
  9. Army Museum
  10. National Museum of Pakistan

1) Lahore Museum

Lahore Museum is a museum located in Lahore, Pakistan. It was established in 1894. The fine example of Mughal architecture was built by the British rulers and is situated in the Walled City of Lahore.

The main building has an area of 6 acres (24,000 m²). It includes outdoor exhibitions like paintings, sculptures and coins which have been added over time to showcase the cultural heritage of Pakistan as well as those from other countries that have contributed to this country's history.

2) Taxila Museum

The Taxila Museum is located in Taxila, Punjab, Pakistan. It was established in 1958 and is situated in the ancient city of Taxila which is located in Rawalpindi District, Punjab, Pakistan.

The museum's collection includes artifacts from prehistoric times through modern times including many items from Gandhara and Mathura during the rule of Chandragupta Maurya who unified northern India into one kingdom around 300 BC.

3) Peshawar Museum

The Peshawar Museum is a museum located in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The museum was established in 1947 and inaugurated in 1949. The museum was established by the British archaeologist Sir John Marshall who later became its director as well as secretary of education.

The main building has five floors with an exhibition area of 4500 square feet (420 m2). It houses over 100,000 items from all periods of Pakistani history including pottery found along the Indus civilization sites; stone sculptures from Buddhist caves; coins from ancient Greek cities like Alexandria (Egypt); Roman coins and jewellery made by Scythians/Sarmatians; Islamic silverware; Mughal miniatures & paintings etc.

4) Lok Virsa Museum

Lok Virsa Museum, also known as Folk Heritage Museum, is located in the capital city, Islamabad. It perfectly exhibits the cultural heritage of the Pakistani people. Pakistan comprises different provinces that have different cultures. This museum depicts and displays the variety in the lifestyles of people of Pakistan. This is portrayed through statues, pictures, pottery, music and textile work. Lok Virsa is the finest cultural museum that can be found in the country. If you are visiting Pakistan for the first time, this place will guide you about everything you would require to know about culture and traditions in Pakistan.

5) Mohatta Palace Museum

The Mohatta Palace Museum is located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. The palace was built in 1927 as the summer home of Shivratan Mohatta, a Hindu Marwari businessman from what is now the modern-day Indian state of Rajasthan. In 1995, it was purchased by the Government of Sindh for its conversion into a museum devoted to the arts of Pakistan.

The museum themes change every quarter and display many different aspects of Pakistani Art and Culture. The vicinity also hosts the mausoleum complex of Abdullah Shah Ghazi, which is located on the Clifton beach and can be viewed from the south side of the Palace.

6) Pakistan Air Force Museum

The Pakistan Air Force Museum was founded in 1990 and is located in Karachi.The Pakistan Air Force Museum, popularly known as its abbreviation of P.A.F Museum, is a hall and park that features all the main fighter jets and aircraft which the Pakistan Air Force has used. There are also radars and other weapons on display inside the building and outdoors. Aircraft captured from the Indian forces during the ’65 war with India and Jinnah’s Vickers VC.1 Viking are the main attractions of the establishment. Additionally, scale models of World War I and II fighter jets are also on display for the amusement of World War history enthusiasts, along with modern aircraft.

7) Pakistan Maritime Museum

Situated in Karachi, Pakistan Maritime Museum is a naval museum and park. The main purpose behind this museum is to raise awareness among people about the naval history of Pakistan, artefacts and various equipment. This museum has about three floors which contains about six galleries. The exhibits on display include vintage naval equipment, paintings, different booths where you can access information about relics on the displays, ancient maps, aircrafts, submarines, miniature models of naval ships and the list goes on. If you plan on visiting Karachi, do visit this place.

8) Pakistan Museum of Natural History

The Pakistan Museum of Natural History, Islamabad is a great place to visit if you're interested in natural history and anthropology. It's located along Humayun Road near the National Museum, which makes it easy to access.

The exhibits include artifacts from ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greece and Rome; fossils; minerals; wild animals such as tigers and rhinos; traditional clothing worn by tribespeople around Pakistan; tools used by farmers when they were still living off their own land instead of being dependent on government handouts like today's urban dwellers might be accustomed too.

9) Army Museum

The Army Museum is located at Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It was established in 1961 and houses a large collection of artifacts relating to the history of the Pakistan Army.

The museum has a large collection of artillery pieces, vehicles, uniforms and other military equipment used during different periods in time by various armies around the world. There are also exhibits that showcase weapons used during World War II as well as some live fire training exercises where visitors can see how soldiers operate these weapons on site (if allowed).

10) National Museum of Pakistan

The National Museum of Pakistan, Karachi is a museum located in the city of Karachi. The museum was established in 1967 and it has a collection of over 15,000 objects from all over Pakistan.

The National Museum of Pakistan is free of charge for anyone who wishes to visit it on their own accord (but if you want to take your family or friends along then there are fees).

Museums are for learning. They are places where you can learn about history, culture, science and technology and art. Pakistan has some non famous and unvisited museums and heritage sites which have great potential for visitors to visit them for the sake of education but they don't get enough attention from travelers due to their location away from tourist destinations nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


1) How many museums are in Karachi?

Ten (10) museums are in Karachi.

2) Which is the oldest museum in Pakistan?

Lahore museum is the oldest museum in Pakistan.

3) Which is the biggest museum in Pakistan?

The National museum is the biggest museum of Pakistan.

4) Which is the world’s largest museum?

By size, The Louvre, in Paris, France, is the largest museum on earth.


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Top 10 Best Museums in Pakistan