Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Pakistan

Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Pakistan

The natural beauty of Pakistan is something that anyone who has been there would vouch for. From lush green valleys to snow-capped peaks and everything in between, there is just so much to see and experience when you’re up there. There are many beautiful waterfalls in Pakistan which are worth a visit. But we have selected the 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Pakistan. These waterfalls have flowing water throughout the year and make for a perfect picnic spot on a hot summer day.
Here is our list of the 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Pakistan that you must visit.

  1. Manthoka waterfall
  2. Naran Kaghan Waterfalls
  3. Dhani Waterfall
  4. Umbrella Waterfall
  5. Kutton Waterfall
  6. Neela Sandh Waterfall
  7. Chotok Waterfall
  8. Sajikot Waterfall
  9. Gulpur Waterfall
  10. Shingari Waterfall

1) Manthoka waterfall
Manthoka waterfall is one of the most amazing waterfalls in the province of Gilgit Baltistan. It is situated in the Kharmang valley. It is a very well-known place for tourists that are attracted by its captivating natural beauty. Tourists also love to camp in this area. It has an elevation of 180 feet.

2) Naran Kaghan Waterfalls
Waterfalls in Naran and Kaghan are amazing, charming and delightful. Naran and Kaghan Valley are one in all the foremost amazing vacation destinations of Pakistan. Here, you’ll find waterfalls at short distances. you’ll enjoy staying in Naran and Kaghan during summers.

3) Dhani Waterfall

Dhani Waterfall is also known as Dhani Noseri waterfall. It is a beautiful and highest waterfall in Neelum valley. The best time to visit Dhani Noseri waterfall is from March to June.

4) Umbrella Waterfall

Umbrella waterfall is one of the most beautiful Waterfall in Pakistan. It is located 27 Kilometers from Havelian.To reach the waterfall, you have to hike down about 30 to 45 minutes from the village of Poona. Umbrella Waterfall became a tourist attraction.



5) Kutton Waterfall

Kutton waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Neelum valley. It is the 3rd tourist spot in Neelum valley. The actual name of this waterfall is the Kundal Shahi waterfall as it is located in Kundal Shahi village in Neelum valley. Because its water is coming from Kutton that’s why it is called Kutton waterfall.


6) Neela Sandh Waterfall
Neela Sandh waterfall is the waterfall that holds the heart of people. It is a waterfall enclosed by greenery, tall trees and boundless lush green mountains. It is almost 40 kilometres (25 mi) away from Islamabad. It is a short height waterfall which has a clear blue water stream.

7) Chotok Waterfall
The Chotok Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall located in the Upper Hunza. This waterfall is very famous among locals, who come here to bathe and enjoy the chilled water and a spectacular view. The height of the waterfall is approximately 160 feet. This waterfall is very close to the Gojal Valley, an excellent place to visit in Pakistan. The best time to visit the Chotok Waterfall is from May to October. The Chotok Waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Upper Hunza. The Chotok Waterfall is a very popular tourist spot in Pakistan. The view from the waterfall is breath-taking and well worth the trip.

8) Sajikot Waterfall
Sajikot waterfall is one of the most hidden gems in Pakistan and comes down into the list of favourite waterfalls of Pakistan. It is an amazing waterfall and tourist destination in Abbottabad District. The height of the waterfall is almost 200 feet from the top.

9) Gulpur Waterfall
Gulpur waterfall is also known as a Gem of Azad Kashmir. The view of water falling from the rock mountain top is impressive and attractive. A breathtaking waterfall you will love to visit this summer. It is overflowing with greenery, nature and a great summer spot.

10) Shingari Waterfall
One of such unexplored places is Shingrai waterfall. Local tourists visit the magical waterfall to enjoy its cool environment. The huge waterfall gives a roaring sound and wide hills .It is an amazing place between high green mountains. It is a perfect family site where people can enjoy peaceful nature and be refreshed.


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Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Pakistan